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One day with the hot atmosphere in the Kupang City, my friend went back to home from his college by Bemo, it was so crowded with passengers in Bemo. He felt there was a strange thing as long as the way. Every eyes were focus to someone. Those eyes never lose sight from a woman, exactly the old woman because she was around fourty years old. My friend didn’t know what the problem was, but he guess it because of the hot pants.
That old woman wore a green hot pants and a tight white shirt, that according to my friend, she wasn’t looked sexy any more. (Lol……)
When that old woman left down the bemo, every eyes of passengers still gave attention to her, until she lost from their sight. Two other women that had same age with that woman kept on looking her and gave the jealous smile each other, and an old Man that had same age too, gave the wide smile, looked there was a satisfaction of him (OMG, lol). The students looked like to keep their images. And my friend just got smile in the deep of his heart because there were so many expressions in Bemo.

What did I learn from this experience?  
Actually the story above is my friend’s experience (exactly Djho Izmail’s) that he shared with me. I think his experience is so funny and we can get some points as the lesson from his experience, especially how to wear dress / get dressed on the right place on the right situation. We must care about it! Because every people who see will think and can give their own response to our appearance. Good response or bad response, we don’t know. So, let’s be smart in your appearance, guys!!!

Saying Thank you:
On this good opportunity, I would like to say thank to the Owner story “Djho Izmail” for your permission to me, so I can publicize this story in different language. Thank you so much n keep writing for you…. (Nb: I am ready to be your translator,,,hehehe)

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